Medical Tactics for Teachers

Medical Tactics for Teachers (MTT) is a unique curriculum taught by dynamic and knowledgeable instructors that is designed to empower, inspire and educate teachers and staff to respond to medical emergencies that arise on campus. From the common classroom injuries to working through an active shooter situation, the MTT curriculum focuses the student on the importance of perception and how it relates to fear, mindset, physiologic response and ultimately how it impacts decisions and actions. Each student learns how to save a life by rapidly assessing the situation and the injured individual and by applying simple yet proven and effective life saving countermeasures. Students become proficient in the critical recognition and management of airway emergencies, bleeding and hemorrhage control, wound management and in methods of extracting injured individuals. Each student will become adept and proficient with all components of the Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit (TRIK) via practical application exercises supervised by Medical Tactics Instructors.

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