Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Leomedicus?

Leomedicus is a company founded on the vision of Dr. Andrew Dennis, Trauma Surgeon and police officer. Leomedicus was exclusively designed to provide law enforcement officers and other public safety specialists with a resource for contemporary education in life saving techniques to be used to enhance officer survival.

The Cornerstone of Leomedicus is the “Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement” course. This intense one or two day workshop has been taught to over one thousand police officers, federal agents, and educators with stellar feedback.

How was it founded?

Leomedicus was the product of Dr. Dennis' unique expertise as both LEO and leading trauma surgeon. In addition, he has enlisted the assistance of several colleagues from within law enforcement, EMS and medicine. By doing so, he was able to create a unique and empowering experience that was simply not available prior to the inception of “Medical Tactics”.

What makes Leomedicus and the “Medical Tactics” courses special?

Leomedicus as a resource and “Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement” as a workshop offer unrivaled learning opportunities based on the very unique skill sets and knowledge of Dr. Dennis and his colleagues. Their combined expertise, in addition to the caliber of the course content and materials makes this experience more effective and more comprehensive than any competitive option on the market today.

How does this class differ from other Self Aid/Buddy Aid (SABA) classes?

The “Medical Tactics” courses focus beyond the simple skills associated with self-aid and buddy aid. By combining real life experiences from both the field and the trauma unit, Dr. Dennis and colleagues were able to create a comprehensive experience focused on the 5 fundamentals of trauma management and survival. While SABA courses focus only on technical skill training, “Medical Tactics,” recognizes that appropriate mindset, knowledge empowerment, and risk management are equally critical towards ensuring favorable outcomes in dangerous situations. It is this comprehensive approach to trauma management that sets, “Medical Tactics,” apart from the competition.

Why should you purchase a TRIK™ ?

The TRIK™ (trauma rapid intervention kit) is the most comprehensive, compact personal trauma kit available today. It combines the expertise of it's designers with the most crucial components of basic trauma care which can make a difference between survival and death.

It has been adopted by multiple LEO agencies, including the State Department Dignitary Protective Service, as the primary response tool for their officers and agents.

The TRIK™ (Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit) is part of the student kit provided to every student officer during the “Medical Tactics” course. The TRIK™ was designed to address the most critical and fundamental trauma care needs that every “non-medically trained” individual could use. When combined with the class, the TRIK™ serves as the tool to complement the knowledge and skills conveyed during the course.

Is there equipment provided with the class?

Every student who attends the “Medical Tactics” course receives a student kit which includes the course textbook, take-home training tools and a TRIK™ (Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit).

What can I expect out of a Medical Tactics day? What am I getting out of my Medical Tactics experience?

The “Medical Tactics” student should expect an intense and exciting day focusing on the 5 fundamentals of surviving traumatic injury. The Course was specially designed to integrate the fundamentals of mindset and injury management with the needs of the adult learner. Every student walks away with a new understanding and appreciation for traumatic injury, the tools to ensure appropriate responses under extreme stress, what is a lethal wound and what is not, when to treat and when not to, and finally, how to manage such injuries to self and others.

Who is Medical Tactics for?

“Medical Tactics” is for every and any law enforcement professional who puts his or her life on the line to serve the public.

If I'm an EMT, can I get CE credit?

The “Medical Tactics” course is accredited for CE hours through Illinois Masonic Medical Center EMS office. Please let the Leomedicus staff know if you need to receive CE for attending the class.