• “Awesome! Life saving.” — TG, PO
  • “You will learn something new about something you thought you knew. This course should be mandatory training for all law enforcement officers.” — DM, ISP
  • “Excellent, eye opening on what the body can survive with the proper mindset. Just because you are shot or injured does not mean you will die.” — GL, ISP
  • “This training should be police academy mandatory, with annual updates. The information is as critical as simulation training.” — LM, PO Lincolnwood PD
  • “Very informative, much needed in today's society. I think school districts should be one of the top priorities.” — MH, AA
  • “Learn it or you may bleed out.” — MF, Detective
  • “Invaluable for police officers... should be mandatory.” — LP, PO
  • “I think this training should most definitely be a course in the training academy.” — KT, PO
  • “Great class, life saving information and practical hands on experience. All officers should take this class!” — JW, Sgt
  • “Life saving.” — KB, President, WTA
  • “Great class. A very good use of a training day - all officers should have this in the academy and every 2 years.” — RE, Lt
  • “Taught by those who know the law enforcement side and medical side.” — CK, PO Naperville PD
  • “Very informative and is exactly what is described in course description.” — JS, Detective
  • “Essential training for all officers.” — DR, Officer
  • “It's vital for tactical awareness and rescue efforts” — SG, PO
  • “Fantastic. Highly, highly recommended.” — ZT, Probations Officer
  • “What you fear, you forget. What you see, you remember. What you do, you understand.” — FP, Probations Officer
  • “Thought it was a fantastic class that every police officer should attend.” — AP, Patrol Officer
  • “You have to go, it could save your life or your partners.” — DD, Lt
  • “Outstanding. Will recommend to all. This class should be mandatory for anyone who carries a badge!” — HW, Tact Sat Chicago PD
  • “The skills learned are necessary for survival.” — TG, Sgt
  • “Great class- very informative, 100% related to the job.” — KS, Patrol Officer
  • “Mindset is one of the most important factors in survival.” — TK, PO
  • “It flowed well, it kept my attention.” — JN, Patrol Officer
  • “ All of the examples from the ER and all the hands on stuff really hammers home the lesson.” — GP, PO
  • “I found that the drive to live is the most important aspect of surviving life threatening injuries.” — JW, PO
  • “Knowing you will survive will keep you alive.” — TG, PO
  • “Real world clinical and practical knowledge and experience of instructors given in useful everyday language.” — DC, PO
  • “Contacted a supervisor at break and told her our entire team needs to come to this” — PG, Supervisor
  • “Can be used in real life situations” — JJ, PO
  • “Excellent class that might mean the difference between life and Death.” — CC, PO
  • “The knowledge of the staff and the regular activity made the class flow very well.” — MZ, Sgt
  • “This class could save your life or others. It is worth every penny.” — OG, Tact Officer
  • “The class grabs your attention and holds it close.” — DM, Gang Specialist Oak Lawn PD
  • “Must have for every officer!” — RA, Sgt Joliet PD
  • “This training should be police academy mandatory. The information is as critical as simulation training.” — LM, PO Lincolnwood PD
  • “Taught by those who know the law enforcement side and medical side.” — CK, PO Naperville PD
  • “As much as I expected and a lot more. A must class for all LEO's.” — DC, PO Roselle PD

United States Department of Homeland SecurityMedical Tactics for Law Enforcement has become the first DHS approved self-aid buddy-aid (SABA) program.

Course Number: IL-019-RESP Advanced SWAT Course, Module 7

Contact info@medicaltactics.com for details.

A Critical Need

According to 2009 FBI Data, violent assaults against police officers are on the rise, and most often, it is patrol officers who are most at risk. When those men and women are in the most danger is precisely when EMS cannot reach them. Our officers need the tools to treat themselves.

Our Mission

Leomedicus and our founder, Dr. Andrew Dennis, are dedicated to providing Law Enforcement Officers with the training and equipment they need to stay alive in dangerous situations. A trauma surgeon and SWAT officer, Dr. Dennis has taken his experience in the hospital and on the field to create the essential model of domestic tactical trauma response.

Integrated Training and Equipment

Leomedicus is the only company of it's kind to offer a unity of training and equipment. Our Medical Tactics for Patrol is a single day course in field trauma care, covering not just essential training in bleeding control, airway management, and shock prevention, but also mindset, ballistics, and rescue carries and drags. Our Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit contains all of the tools used in class, vacuum sealed into a package small enough to fit in the cargo pocket of any BDU pant.

Field Tested, Field Approved

The Trauma Rapid Intervention Kit has recently been awarded the, "Member Tested, Member Approved," seal from the National Tactical Officers Association. Our training and tools are on duty with thousands of officers, state and federal, throughout the country.

Problem Solving When it Matters Most

Leomedicus is a fully functioning consulting consortium, with research affiliations with accredited universities and the Cook County Trauma Unit. Our advisory board is made up of physicians, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and military professionals who are invested in making sure that tactical medicine adapts to each new challenge presented to agencies across the country. Does your department have unique challenges, or theatres in which you are deployed? Our team will work with you to customize a program to meet your unique demands.

Competitive Pricing

It is our mission to see life-saving training and equipment in the hand of every Law Enforcement Officer in the United States and beyond. We will work with your department to make certain that you have the tools necessary to see your officers safe every night.